Naturally Brewed.
As Intended.

At STRUMAN’S ORGANIC BEER CO, we believe somethings are best to be left the way they were intended. The way they came, the way they are, the way they were meant to be. Just like your favourite granddad told you, tell it straight and keep things simple – because if it comes from somewhere truly good, it doesn’t need to be any better.

Keeping things simple is the driving force behind everything we do at STRUMAN’S. It is what inspires us every day to bring you great tasting organic beer, made naturally.


Refreshing and flavoursome, we use only the finest certified organic pilsner malt and noble hops to be found. Unfiltered, our beer is a delicious amber colour with a natural yeast cloud and finishes with a crisp clean taste.

Our view is simple. Natural beer is the best beer. Great care and time has gone into making STRUMAN’S ORGANIC LAGER, it’s brewed using the best organic ingredients and has no preservatives or additives, because your body is a beer temple!

ORGANIC LAGER – 4.3% alc, 330ml bottle


Conceived in 2015 by a few good friends in a pub, STRUMAN’S is a small independent beer co. born out of the desire to brew great tasting beer made naturally and to reflect our Australian lifestyle.

Being committed to making the best brew as naturally as possible means using only the best organic hops and barley, grown free from harsh pesticides and herbicides. We keep things small and focused to make beer as nature intended.